Top Ten Reasons to Join the Wildcat Marching Band

What are some of the reasons students choose to join the Wildcat Marching Band? Read on to find out!


Members of the WMB get to move into their regular dorm rooms several days before freshman move-in day. That means you’ll be settled in your room, know your way around campus, and have lots of friends before the rest of your class is even on campus!


Joining the WMB is one of the best ways to meet people and make friends on campus. New students are paired with upperclassmen on the first day of band camp, so you will automatically have someone you can ask about anything to help make your transition to college easier.


You've heard this before. Make the most of your college experience by getting involved! Each of our music ensembles is a great creative outlet for its members.


As a member of the WMB, you'll have the opportunity to play a variety of music genres and styles. We take pride in our performance and work hard to put out a quality musical product. Because of that, we spend time working on exercises and warm-ups to develop tone, technique, and endurance. This way, members get a quality musical experience in addition to the social benefits.


The WMB performs in front of tens of thousands of people every year. The success of the football team has caused game attendance to skyrocket. Between the football games (live audience and TV broadcasts), band shows, and parades, you’'ll perform for more people than ever before in your life.


The WMB takes one trip per year, usually to an away UNH football game. Trips are scheduled so they impact classes as little as possible (usually not at all). Best of all: we pay for your trip!


Marching Band is not only an activity, but it is also a class worth 1 credit. While no one participates just for the credit, it can count as an elective for some majors and can help boost your GPA.


Employers know that marching band members tend to be disciplined hard workers, and like to see activities such as this on resumes. There are also many leadership opportunities in the WMB, which can give you valuable experience that employers look for.


Our football team has been very successful in recent years and currently has the longest active playoff streak in the nation. The WMB is the most visible spirit organization on campus, so it’s the best way to support our teams and show your Wildcat Pride!


Members of the WMB form tight bonds and many become friends for life. We also try to incorporate a lot of fun into our shows: both for the band members as well as the audience. We hope you'll be a part of it!