The University of New Hampshire Wildcat Marching Band, or "WMB," has a tradition of being one of the most spirited organizations on campus. Made up of students from the entire campus, with majors ranging from music education and performance to mechanical engineering and equine science, the WMB performs at all home football games and several other regional exhibitions and parades. Membership in the WMB is open to ALL students regardless of experience level. In fact, a majority of the band members are non-music majors and the band's GPA is consistently above the university average.

The season begins one week before classes start with band camp. After band camp, the band rehearses every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6 to 8 PM. The WMB also meets Saturday mornings when there are home games to refine the show and go over the details for the day.

After rehearsals and games, many band members hang out and do social things together. Friendships are formed that last for life.

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Wildcat Marching Band Communications & Marketing Intern

wmb on field


Under the supervision of the UNH Director of Athletic Bands, the Communications & Marketing Intern will assist with all social media accounts for the UNH Wildcat Marching Band. The goal of this position is to assist the WMB to implement marketing and communications goals in creative and direct ways that will appeal to UNH students, fans, alumni, and prospective students. Responsibilities include:

  • Taking pictures and videos at home football games.
  • Working with the UNH Director of Athletic Bands to implement social marketing campaigns using print and online promotion tools.
  • Monitoring and analyzing usage of the UNH Bands website and social media sites.
  • Researching content for social media sites.
  • Collaborating on new and creative ways to expand reach on social media.
  • Writing and designing of marketing materials, including posters, flyers, and other promotional collateral.
  • Collaborating with the new WMB Media Team (primarily responsible for video production) as needed.
Start date is flexible. Willing to work with your department if you would like to receive academic credit


Durham, NH


  • Communication
  • Computer Science/Information Technology
  • Marketing - PR/ Branding


  • Knowledge of marketing concepts
  • Experience using social media
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Ability to write concise and engaging content that appeals to UNH students
  • Ability to work independently
  • Availability for the majority of band performances, including home football games, band shows, and parades
  • Applicant must own a smartphone and basic photography/videography skills
  • Preferred: background in the marching arts

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Application deadline: May 9, 2016

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Give to the Wildcat Marching Band

Give to the Wildcat Marching Band

Donations go toward the general operating expenses of the band, including travel, instruments, uniforms, and other equipment. We appreciate your support!

GIVE NOWGive to the WMB

Every year, our budget is stretched to its limit paying for travel expenses, band camp housing and meals, staff salaries, equipment, copyright fees, field lining, photocopies, repairs, and more. Because of this, we have no budget to replace instruments or to implement new technology. The band is also in a growth period, which means increased costs against a static budget.

We are beginning a campaign to raise funds to supplement our travel budget, to replace equipment that has reached the end of its useful life, and to expand the electronic front ensemble.

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Band Camp Information


Dates: August 21 or 23 – August 28, 2016
Dorm Check-In:
WMB Council, Drumline, Colorguard: August 21, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM at your dorm.
Winds: August 23, 8:00 – 10:00 AM at your dorm.
If you are living on campus, you MUST check-in at this time.  Try to get in as early as possible.
Band Camp Registration: August 23, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM at the PCAC

A tentative schedule is included at the end.  A more accurate and detailed schedule will be available in August once we get our assigned field times.  This is based on last year’s schedule.  A detailed schedule for August 21st and 22nd will also be available closer to those dates.

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WMB in the Media

The Wildcat Marching Band has gotten a lot of media exposure in the last few years, and not just during televised football games! Did you see all of these appearances? We used a smaller group drawn from the full WMB for each.


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  • Wildcat Marching Band Alumni

    If you are a former member of the Wildcat Marching Band, we encourage you to stay in touch with us! Alumni are invited to play in the Alumni Band at the Homecoming football game each year. The 95th Anniversary brunch was held in 2014, and we're looking forward to the 100th Anniversary celebration in 2019!

    Please subscribe to our mailing list and keep your contact information updated.

    Join our Facebook group!

  • Marching Health
    marching health

    Health of the marching musician has been a rapidly-growing subject of interest. From fitness to nutrition to proper footwear, find out how to have a healthy and comfortable season. None of this is meant to frighten you. Just the opposite! We want you to come in prepared. Every year we have several members who have never marched before and we can always get them up to speed. Whether this is your first year marching or your eighth, getting in shape ahead of time, eating well, staying hydrated, protecting your hearing, and having proper footwear will help you be more comfortable and successful.

    Your arms may get tired holding up that baritone or doing all those drop spins. Develop those arm muscles now so you can shorten the period of adjustment. Do some cardio now so you won't be as out-of-breath at the end of that first run-through of the show. Get used to eating well now so you don't go overboard on the fro-yo and cookies when you get to the dining hall and regret it when you get out on the field in the sun!

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