Beast of the East Band Game Absence Form

Form to be used as an absolute last resort only. Every effort must be made to get a sub, or you must attend the game. This is for extreme extenuating circumstances.

Ensure you have done the following in the order given:
  • Plan ahead and mark all dates in your calendar.
  • As soon as you become aware of the conflict, begin the sub procedure.
  • Contact all members of your section who are not signed up for the game (email addresses are available on the roster. Use the phone or social media as well to make direct contact and get an answer from each either way).
  • Contact all those who play your instrument as a secondary instrument (see roster).
  • Contact all those who play another instrument in your grouping (see right-hand column on roster).
  • Ensure whomever subs for you gets your flip folder if you play a different part from them (especially if you are a 1st player on your instrument).
  • If you have exhausted all the above options, you may then pursue a sub on ANY instrument. This is not preferable as your part will not be covered, but is better than no sub.

Remember: a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part!

Failure to perform or send a sub will result in a travel point reduction and a lowering of your grade.


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