2017 Student Leader Auditions

WMB Council Positions

As indicated previously, all student leaders are members of the WMB Council. Applicants will be asked to address strengths in certain areas to be considered for chair positions. Rather than splitting the council into committees, the chairs will recruit assistance as necessary from the other members (and beyond, in some cases). Here is a list of anticipated positions along with the areas for which they will be responsible:

Summer recruiting, website, Facebook, recruiting tables, ideas for new approaches
Collection of money (supplies, banquet, etc.), putting together deposits, keeping track of those who have paid and still owe money
Alumni database, update histories, photos, videos, Alumni band (with Events)
Flip folders, replacement of parts, scanning music
Replacement of parts, distribution/collection, maintenance, proper care and wearing, ensuring we have backups for travel etc.
Band Day, Away trip, Band Extravaganza, Alumni band (with Alumni/Historian)
Band buddies, band camp activities, superlatives, Savage Beast, new activities (movie nights, intramurals)

When indicating interests/strengths in any of these areas on the application, new ideas are encouraged. Think outside the box.

Other positions (not addressed on the application):

KKPsi representative (usually president)

New member representative (elected at band camp)