2016 WMB Student Leaders

Drum Major Silhouette

Congratulations to the following students, who were selected as student leaders for the 2016 Wildcat Marching Band!

  • Drum Majors: Drew Halpin, Jessica Hickey, Emily Silva
  • Flute/Piccolo: Patricia Leonard
  • Clarinet: Katelyn Crooker
  • Saxophone: Alex Brown
  • Trumpet - Music: Travis Nevins
  • Trumpet - Marching: Kylie Gagnon
  • Trombone: Camden Tatsapaugh
  • Baritone: Eustaquio Dones
  • Sousaphone: Mattsen Bradbury-Koster
  • Drumline:
    • Cymbal Segment Leader: J.R. Fitzgerald
  • Front Ensemble: Carrie Hanson
  • Colorguard: Tyrone Cabral and Erin Routhier
  • WMB Council Members-at-Large: Sean Chamberlin, Emily Frazzoni, Maria Harmon, Shannon Lundin, Alicia Ouellette

Chairs of the areas within the WMB Council will be:

  • Recruiting/PR: Mattsen Bradbury-Koster
  • Finance: Tyrone Cabral
  • Alumni/Historian: Jessica Hickey
  • Library: Alicia Ouellette
  • Events: Emily Frazzoni
  • Social: Drew Halpin
  • Uniforms: Emily Silva