WMB Health Form Instructions

Health Form Instructions

This takes a few steps to complete, but is easier (and cheaper) than printing and mailing!

  • Click on the link to either download the pdf or open in a new browser window.
    • If you get a message asking if you would like to open the file in Adobe Reader, click "Yes."
  • Click in the field next to "Name" and enter your information. You can use the tab key to move to the next field.
    • When you click in the Student Signature field, a dialog box should open, allowing you to digitally sign the document. If you have done this before, you may have a signature on file. If not, follow the instructions to create one. Click "Sign" and the field will be filled in.
    • Have your parent or guardian do the same in the Parent Signature field if you are under 18.
    • MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE-CHECK THE FORM BEFORE SIGNING IT. If you make changes to any of the fields after you digitally "sign" the form, you will receive an error (because it can't ensure YOU are the one who made those changes. As far as it's concerned, the signature approves only what was there when the form was signed. If you need to make a change afterward, re-sign the form before submitting it.
  • When all of the fields have been completed, click the box that says "Submit Form" in the upper right-hand corner of the page (you may need to return to page 1).
    • If you omitted a required field, you'll receive an error message at this time. Click "OK," complete the required fields, and then try again.
  • Enter your email address and full name in the appropriate fields.
  • Click send.
  • Select the appropriate option for how you send email (through a desktop client like Outlook or Mail, or through an internet service like Gmail or Hotmail).
    • Desktop application
      • If you get a notification saying a new email message will be created, click "OK."
      • If a new email window pops up with the pdf attached, click "send." It usually sends automatically, though.
      • At this point, it should send your form to Mrs. Goodwin. You may not even notice it. You can check your sent mail to make sure it went through.
    • Internet Email
      • You will be prompted to save the file. Save it somewhere you will remember.
      • Open your email client.
      • Create an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "WMB Health Form" in the subject.
      • Attach the PDF you just saved.
      • Send the email!